Why Men Are Staying Single

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Single hetero girls are swimming in shark-infested waters of the dating ocean. While there is plenty of chum out there, lots of good bait of pretty profile pics, even a hint of the promise of easy sex every now and again, the big shark-the big shark of no commitment-is ever present. Single’s dating sites might advertise long lasting romantic matches but there are just as many single men out there avoiding the long term commitment or even the very hint of it, therefore not even dating all that long or all that much.
Single girls have their work cut out for them trying to convince single men to give dating a try.

What women have to realize is that now with all the options available to them, single men are taking well to those options. Online a guy can chat, flirt, cyber to his heart’s content and while there are plenty of dates being planned and executed by plenty of hetero couples there are just as many that don’t go beyond a few dates; because of their plethora of options single men aren’t sticking around all that long to just date one woman, especially if she is not coming across with sex. Like mercury filling a vessel, a good amount of single men will take to whatever container holds them.

The solution for the single straight girls? She can’t battle the options she can’t convince a man to be exclusive if he doesn’t want to be and she certainly can’t trick a guy to be with her…despite what women think single men, with even only a modicum of dating experience won’t fall for trickery too long,.

All a woman can hope for is that she encounters single men or a man who might be one of the few who has exhausted his options or is exhausted by them who wants a long-term commitment and more than just a few dates.
A shark needs to keep swimming or it dies, after all.

The Single Men State

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gay personalsOnce and for all single men have to come to the conclusion that they will stay right where they are in their dating because of pretty much what they do or do not do to affect that dating. The single men state of confusion, of stasis, of action, of romance, of sex dating, any and all of where we are as men out there looking for other men is changed, altered or stays the same pretty much by our actions and it’s time we faced-up to that fact!

Too Many?

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Are there really too many men online now looking for dates? Gay or straight is the male of the gender just too much on the hunt? Are there just so many men seeking even in the face of other men seeking on gay sites and in gay clubs, that men can’t get out of their own way?

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The Greet And Fuck

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The greet-and-fuck date is all the rage for gay men, lesbians as much as it is for straight people. Sure we all have to be careful but with the prejudice mores of our societies slackening and the systematic-like blast onto our social fabric that the web has allowed any one of us can find any other one of us, get to know each another rather quickly without even being in the actual physical presence of each other and then when we do get into each other’s presence we can as much greet for the first time and have right at some sex.

Truth In Advertising

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Are you part of the men seeking population? Then you should be on gay dating sites. Yes, they are gay dating sites, they present gay male populations and people looking to hookup and date. Why would a gay dating site do anything else?

The Flip Side

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There are times when we all tend to give in to feeling just a little bit sorry for ourselves because we are not currently in a romantic relationship. We may look around at our friends who are in long term successful partnerships and begin to wonder what is wrong with us and why we do not currently have anyone to share our lives with. Well before we get too carried away with our little pity party, we have to remember that the men seeking men sites on the world wide web can help us to quickly and easily find some very nice gay men who we may just hit it off with.

Date Night

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For many of us that grew up during the dark ages before the Internet was invented, we remember the now dated idea that Saturday night was always designated as date night. While it may have been acceptable for us to hang out with our goofy friends on a Wednesday or a Friday, no self-respecting individual would have ever dared leave their house on a Saturday without a hot gay man on their arm. Well times have changed, technology has changed, and most certainly we have changed right along with them. Today we can make use of the gay dating sites on any day of the week that we would like to find someone to spend some time with, or even arrange for a hot and quick hookup with. The day of the week listed on our towels, our calendar or our cute and clever underwear does not matter even a little bit.

Raise the Flag

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It is no surprise at all that the world wide web contains literally hundreds of amazing sites that are dedicated to helping gay men meet up with other hot gay men for dating, romance, love and sex. We do have to exercise the requisite amount of caution however, and pay attention for any obvious red flags that present ourselves when we are interacting with people on the various men seeking men sites.

Free and Easy

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Gone forever are the old days when we used to have to struggle and wrack our brains trying to think of ways to meet hot gay men. Also gone are those terribly awkward and tense moments when we would have to try to figure out if a particularly hot guy was indeed gay or straight. Today, thanks to the many gay dating sites that are available to us today on the world wide web, we can find a hot guy whenever we feel like it, without worrying about whether there will be anyone available, and whether we will be able to accurately discern what team someone happens to be playing for.

During The Seeking, Ever Sought?

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Always out there on dating sites, running round to clubs dancing and flirting, being the guy on the hunt, posting messages on Facebook or working hard on updating profile and personal ads, will we ever be the object of men seeking? Do we give off the vibe that since we are always aggressor, the seeker, the one making the overtures that we are not amiable to being chased, that in fact it goes against our grain so much we would ignore a guy coming after us? Are there then only guys who seek and those we are sought and the two shan’t ever meet or switch roles?