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The Greet And Fuck

Friday, April 6th, 2012

shirtless gay man with wild hair

The greet-and-fuck date is all the rage for gay men, lesbians as much as it is for straight people. Sure we all have to be careful but with the prejudice mores of our societies slackening and the systematic-like blast onto our social fabric that the web has allowed any one of us can find any other one of us, get to know each another rather quickly without even being in the actual physical presence of each other and then when we do get into each other’s presence we can as much greet for the first time and have right at some sex.


Date Night

Monday, March 26th, 2012

gay man with dog

For many of us that grew up during the dark ages before the Internet was invented, we remember the now dated idea that Saturday night was always designated as date night. While it may have been acceptable for us to hang out with our goofy friends on a Wednesday or a Friday, no self-respecting individual would have ever dared leave their house on a Saturday without a hot gay man on their arm. Well times have changed, technology has changed, and most certainly we have changed right along with them. Today we can make use of the gay dating sites on any day of the week that we would like to find someone to spend some time with, or even arrange for a hot and quick hookup with. The day of the week listed on our towels, our calendar or our cute and clever underwear does not matter even a little bit.


Raise the Flag

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

gay man on bed with jeans

It is no surprise at all that the world wide web contains literally hundreds of amazing sites that are dedicated to helping gay men meet up with other hot gay men for dating, romance, love and sex. We do have to exercise the requisite amount of caution however, and pay attention for any obvious red flags that present ourselves when we are interacting with people on the various men seeking men sites.


Free and Easy

Monday, March 19th, 2012

topless gay man with sunglasses

Gone forever are the old days when we used to have to struggle and wrack our brains trying to think of ways to meet hot gay men. Also gone are those terribly awkward and tense moments when we would have to try to figure out if a particularly hot guy was indeed gay or straight. Today, thanks to the many gay dating sites that are available to us today on the world wide web, we can find a hot guy whenever we feel like it, without worrying about whether there will be anyone available, and whether we will be able to accurately discern what team someone happens to be playing for.


During The Seeking, Ever Sought?

Friday, March 16th, 2012

twink with bubbles

Always out there on dating sites, running round to clubs dancing and flirting, being the guy on the hunt, posting messages on Facebook or working hard on updating profile and personal ads, will we ever be the object of men seeking? Do we give off the vibe that since we are always aggressor, the seeker, the one making the overtures that we are not amiable to being chased, that in fact it goes against our grain so much we would ignore a guy coming after us? Are there then only guys who seek and those we are sought and the two shan’t ever meet or switch roles?


Let’s Travel

Monday, March 12th, 2012

gay man with tattoos and mustache

It is no secret or surprise that dating for gay men used to be a whole lot harder and more complicated than it is today. With the invention and the common use of the easily accessed world wide web for all of our needs, the world of gay dating and hookups has grown exponentially and continues to get larger each and every day.


Mutually Exclusive Gay Dating

Monday, February 6th, 2012

hairy gay man

We might be enjoying as wide a variety of men on a gay male dating site as we are scouring clubs and parties, but the gentleman we procure in each specific place and what we do with them might just stay exclusive to where we find them. In this day and age, because the online world of gay dating can be just as rich and rewarding as off line, many times we find we’re having relationships off and online exclusively.



Monday, November 14th, 2011

For gay men, finding Single men used to be much much harder in the days before the Internet was invented. It took a lot of legwork and detective work to track down where the hot guys were and where the hot gay parties were going to take place. These days, when we want to find hot men, we do not need a private detective, a road map, a global positioning system, a bloodhound, or any divine inspiration. All we need is the help of the fabulous, cooperative, and always available world wide web, and we can meet as many hot guys as we can possibly hope to keep up with.

In the olden days, all we had access to was the gay positioning system. This consistent of word of mouth, gossip, newspaper ads, innuendo, secret meeting places, and lots and lots of drama for all. We would have to nose around to find out where all the hot guys were going, and then try to snag an invitation for that dinner party, club or pool party where we knew all the action would be. Sometimes we made it in and had a wonderful time for ourselves, other times we missed the mark and ended up alone, all dressed up with no place to go; it was a roll of the gay party dice at best for us.

Today all the hot gay men have been nicely gathered up in one convenient place known as the Internet. There is a gay dating site that will appeal to everyone, and we can access them and begin meeting hot guys in just a few quick seconds or so. We can then use our real GPS systems in our cars to drive straight to the places where the hot guys are hanging out and just waiting to make our acquaintance, leaving ourselves much more time for the really fun and fabulous things in life.

Just Sex

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

While it might be a hetero man’s biological imperative to impregnate as many women as possible, not all men seeking only ever seek sex. Regardless of age, constitution, ethnicity even sexual preference, some men do indeed want more than just a roll in bed with a comely young wench or a buff dude.

But men do seek sex, they do want attractions and they are stimulated by the visual component of their partner. Taking time to build an emotional attachment the straight guy will quickly jump into sex if he is even just initially attracted to a woman. Their partners might wish their men seek something deeper in their dating but that comes over time in a hetero guy’s developing trust and caring for the woman he is seeing.

And he can damn well keeping fucking her if he never becomes attracted, as all women know all too well.

Gay men often court a different desire simply because their need for their same sex negates their need to propagate the species. Not that their lusts are any less potent or any gay man’s mind any less fickle then his straight counterpart, there are just as many homosexual men who want to play the field as those, like straight men, who want to settle down.

To be sure there are more straight women than men-gay or straight-who want to settle down but this might be as much a biological component to a woman’s make-up as much as it might be a societal restraint that pressures the woman into believing she must date, snare, seduce and eventually capture a man to marry her then it might be any one woman’s true desire.

In the end it is not fair make the blanket statement that men seeking sex is men’s motivation for dating. Gay or straight some men very well want to build and maintain relationships with their sex life, while others do not need one for the other.

And The Gays Have It

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

There was a time when to be gay could get you jailed. Not too many decades ago cops would roust nightclubs where gay men danced, drank and socialized and would literally arrest all the patrons! These days we have progressed far-not far enough yet for some people though-and gay men and women can be open with their affections, business and lives in the face of a still very straight world. In fact many alternative sexual styles are celebrated in society where they would never have been before.

Is it freedom, evolution, or something more?

It could be all three…but facilitated by the Internet

We have yet to encounter a social tool like the net. We have yet to see information be disseminated in such a way where everyone who cares can access whatever they want at anytime. We have yet to see our sexual mores challenged as much, our business models change and our way of interacting with one another so completely changed. With the good and the bad the net has changed our lives and greatly affected anyone who was a minority. Whole groups have risen up, interests heretofore unknown, jobs created only because of the web.

Gay dating-for both men and women-was certainly and still is very much a minority activity from a minority group. But with the advent of dating sites catering to every desire and proclivity, with free porn downloads, no matter the subject or stars, ready for every computer and with constant updates of every aspect and all people of the world streaming even across our portable computer devices, there really is anything we have not encountered or at least heard of.

All dating-not just gay dating-no matter who is doing it, where or why is equal in the eyes of the web since all people are on the web, from all different ethnic backgrounds and all sexual preferences. The net is the great equalizer and will as much bring us together in what we do as see us bolster our differences to our chests knowing we have the freedom of expression as long as we stay online.