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The Gay Romeo Directive

Friday, February 10th, 2012

shirtless man in bed

His approach does not make his way of doing things stronger or necessary, nor do we need to be around him to even have to learn how he acts or so we might recognize the type. The gay romeo comes with as much baggage as he does swagger, at least baggage for those of us who want to carry him in our life for any prescribed period of time.


Stopping The Gay romeo in his tracks

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

sexy shirtless man

We all know they exist. In fact, they exist no matter what your sexual preference happens to be. There are those people out there who play a room, slink and saunter through a crowd, use their wiles, charm and when they have them, their good looks to seduce, flirt and procure dates they do or do not treat well, according to their whim.


After A While…

Friday, January 20th, 2012

shirtless gay man in water

If we chase a type in our dating, from only ever seeking twinks, strictly dating rough-and-tumble Bears or preferring the company of only a gay romeo sooner or later will a specific type of guy get a little boring to hang with? No matter how much we might be turned-on by a hairless young man with feminine tendencies or want to be consort of the guy who is the life of the party, too much of any one thing can grow to be…too much.


That Gay romeo Is At It Again

Monday, January 16th, 2012

gay man in sand

We are all susceptible to the charm of someone who knows how to work their charms. We all like to feel flattered and we all like to feel we can capture the most interesting and popular guy in the room with our come- hither look or maybe a shake of our buns. We all like to catch or be caught by the Gay romeo, seduce him or have him seduce us and catch attention from everybody else who wants him…or wants him again.


Online Romeo Alive

Friday, December 16th, 2011

gay romeo

Gay men are represented pretty well online these days. There are strong dating sites for gay men, chats, forums for homosexual guys and plenty of personals written, read and out up. Minority communities find an equal voice on the net so it is no wonder that gay guys do well looking for other gay guys across their P.C.’s, portal phones and every other which way they can digitally.


Gay Dating Attraction

Friday, November 25th, 2011

gay hunk tank top

Gay men want a lot of things and it can make life more complex when these come into play. On the one hand we crave a serious emotional connection just like anyone else who is alive on this planet. But we also have strong needs for lust, to get off and fuck and be fucked by other hot men. This is why single men sometimes find themselves in a dilemma, how do we handle both these sides? Sometimes we will meet someone who is perfect for us, fulfilling both sides of our needs for both emotional and physical connection. But when that person is not in our life what are we to do?


The Clothes Make the Man

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

One of the things in our society that is unfortunately falling quickly by the wayside is the idea that we should all dress nicely before we leave our homes. Far too many people just schlep around in their sweatpants and rumpled up clothes when they could be seizing the moment and making a good impression on their fellow citizens as they roam around the streets. A good Gay romeo however, would always make sure that they were dressed impeccably before they ever ventured out into society, thereby giving themselves the opportunity to have great sex at a moment’s notice.

The rest of us normal men would do well to keep in mind some of the basics. It is never a good idea to walk about in wrinkled, unpressed clothing. It does not matter if you are just running out for a paper, if linen is really hard to iron, or if you think you are so cute that you can pull if off anyway, it is always a bad idea.

It is usually never a bad idea to make sure that your clothes are coordinated. There is nothing worse than seeing an otherwise handsome and attractive man wearing striped shorts and a flowered shirt. Conversely though, please avoid the double denim look at all costs. If you are wearing jeans, you can not wear your jean jacket that day. I’m sorry, you just can’t. There is nothing worse than seeing someone in this state. This is one case where coordination is not our friend.

Please be neat and clean. No food stains, tears, rips or holes allowed. I don’t care if it is your favorite article of clothing in the whole world. If you can’t clean it or sew it, you can’t wear it. Shirts with logos or sayings have no place in society; they should remain at home or maybe in the gym. Oh, and no white socks with open sandals because that is just unspeakably disturbing.

Spruce up Stud

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Ok, so you think you’re pretty darn swell and fantastic don’t you? That’s great news for you. But if you want to be the hottest and most sought after Gay romeo in town, you do have to work at it; even if you are naturally stunning and all. It never hurts for even the most attractive of us to spruce things up a bit and to keep in mind a few helpful hints.


First, you need to check your wardrobe. Not to pick on you, but no one ever became the hottest ticket in town while wearing a cowboy shirt in an urban area, wearing white gym socks with open sandals, or wearing clothes that were sadly outdated ten years ago. If you are going to be a hot stud, you are going to need to look the part. So if your wardrobe is lacking or screams 1986, get yourself on out there and get some decent clothes on your back.

Ok, now let’s work on your attitude there spud. When you go out on a date with one of the many people that will be hunting you down to spend time with you, you have to listen to them. That’s right. I said you have to listen to them. Not only do you have to be polite to them and show up on time, but you have to shut up, to shut your phone off, and pay attention to what they say. And no, you can not begin to wax poetic about yourself and your wonderfulness until they have completely finished. Yes, I know how hard it will be for you, but you need to trust me here.

If you can stick to these guidelines, you may indeed have a shot at becoming the next great gay romeo in your neighborhood. But don’t get lax there sparky. Before you know it, the next gay hero will be nipping at your well shod heels.

Building Gay Confidence

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

The clubs and gyms are full of tight, hard bodies playing together, but we can’t all be a magazine-quality gay romeo. When we fall in love with other single men, it happens for many reasons — looks are but one small part of the equation which also includes intelligence, a great sense of humor, confidence, shared passions, animal chemistry and so much more. Many men end up dating someone who might not be a 10 in the looks department but who still turns one on. But what to do when he’s afraid of being seen naked and is so lacking in confidence about his body that he wants to hide it?

Self esteem has to come from within, but men seeking to make a body shy partner more confident about his appearance or desirability can go a long way to help. First off always be supportive and never make jokes or negative comments — if one is eating out with one’s shy partner, never comment about the calories on the menu or encourage such talk from them either.

It is important to give compliments often. Gay men are just like anyone else in that they value hearing about being desirable, sexy and wanted by their lovers and others. Don’t just say nice things about him, but be specific and even raunchy too — does his hot ass make it impossible to focus on work at the office some days? Then send him a naughty text message letting him know just how distracting that derriere is.

In the bedroom if he prefers the lights off, try some candles instead. These create a soft and romantic atmosphere which not only enhances romance and intimacy but also makes bodies look better than they do under other more harsh and distinct lighting conditions. These tools will help one find more confidence in one’s lover than one knew he was possible of ever before!

Is he closeted?

Friday, September 16th, 2011


What should someone do when they suspect a friend might be in the closet? It is hard to do. Obviously there are many men out there who act gay but actually are just effeminate, metrosexual or some other set of mannerisms that makes them get mistaken for queer guys. Yet then we sometimes meet someone who is beating themselves up about their orientation for whatever reason — some of them have religious concerns or might even have gone through an anti-gay training camp, where they have been brainwashed into believing they can simply be straight.

Men seeking to help a male friend in this kind of situation need to use some caution. They can use a softer approach like inviting him to outings with other queer guys. This might mean that they eventually see the error of their ways and realize that they can be more open and start looking for other single men to date.

It is a much stickier situation if one is a woman who has realized that her lover or even husband is probably closted and gay, or even from himself. Is he disinterested in sex not just with you but with all women? Do you catch him secretly looking at queer porn on his computer? There may be nothing one can do to make him interested in you, but you may be able to gently guide him to letting out his inner gay romeo. Though it will be a difficult time of transition, many women have gone from being married or involved with a queer guy into being great friends with him down the road. This kind of friendship can be especially close and supportive.

What are we going to do if we ourselves are closeted? In today’s climate many find their friends and family are surprisingly supportive. After all most everyone has known a queer guy at this point and remember it really does get better!